Threatening SPAM emails?

Bitcoin email SCAMS (and other nonsense?)… We always get questions from you guys on spam emails, you get emails from Nigerian Prince’s letting you know you have been lucky enough to win £1,000,0000,0000 pounds – you know the sort? We block them, then someone invents another way of worrying people… Recently we have seen an […]

Patch & Protect Your Server

Further to various announcements regarding the Intel vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre we are now in a position to give our customers guidance on protecting their own server. Note however that not all operating systems can be patched so to find out how to protect yourself, please read on! What Operating System do you Have? As […]

Invistigation of processor vulnerabilities

We have been made aware of a suspected vulnerability in Intel’s CPU architecture affecting their processors as well as those from AMD and ARM. This hardware is used in customer solutions across our environment. Our priority as always is to protect our customers’ services. Our engineering team is therefore speaking to our vendor partners and […]

Notice: Microsoft Price Increases.

Microsoft Raise Prices from January 2018 On January 1, 2018, Microsoft will introduce SPLA price changes for Windows Server, SQL Server, Core Infrastructure Server Suite and Remote Desktop Services. Microsoft have released the January 2018 price lists and announced the price increases effective January 2018. Microsoft have also announced there will be increases in January […]

Titan Email Migration

When you receive an email with the subject ‘Your Email Upgrade Dates‘ it means that your email service is due to be upgraded, on the dates specified in the email. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to do anything particularly technical, just follow the simple instructions below. STEP 1 – Please ensure you have the […]

Design images for your website with Canva

All of the most successful websites know about the importance of using images. If you have a website then to maximise its potential you need to be including images – throughout the site, from its main pages and in each blog post. The fact is images will help grab peoples attention when they arrive on […]

Need a website? Use WordPress

If you need a new website then using WordPress could be the answer. With over 75 million websites now running on WordPress it is increasingly becoming the go to solution for people who need a website. With WordPress you can quickly and easily have a website set up in no time. Plus compared to the […]

Google Analytics – 5 reports for beginners

Google Analytics is a fantastic bit of software which can provide very detailed stats & information to help you manage your website. It’s completely free to use, but it can at first seem quite difficult to use. However, with a little bit of help you can quickly begin to understanding how it all works – […]

Office 2016 – It’s here

Since its release on Internetters, our Office 365 packages have been proving very popular with many of our customers. It provides them with their favourite Microsoft Office applications and rock solid email on PC, Mac, iOS and Android Devices, any time, any place, anywhere for a low, easy to manage monthly fee. The good news is […]

Periscope – What is it?

Periscope is a new app that lets you share and experience live video from your mobile phone – to anybody who wants to watch. The company was recently acquired by Twitter for $100 million, and over the past few months its popularity has exploded on the internet. Periscope is a new app that lets you […]