Need a website? Use WordPress

If you need a new website then using WordPress could be the answer. With over 75 million websites now running on WordPress it is increasingly becoming the go to solution for people who need a website. With WordPress you can quickly and easily have a website set up in no time. Plus compared to the cost of hiring a web designer, WordPress is financially speaking an attractive solution.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) which enables you to create your own website – with a design of your choice and the ability to update and add to it whenever you want. Now why would you want to use WordPress to set up your own website? Well, there are thousands of reasons to choose WordPress, a few of which are listed below:

It’s Free!

WordPress is built on open source software, which is freely available to download, install and use. All you need in order to use WordPress is a domain name and web hosting – once you’ve got that, you have everything you need to set up your own website. There are no fees to use WordPress – it’s 100% free.

Best of all, WordPress is always being added to and improved, so it will always have what you need to have a professional grade website – including one built upon high security standards. With WordPress you will have complete control over your website – you can update, edit and add new pages, blog posts, etc whenever you want – with no need to pay an agency or web designer to make changes for you.


Simple and easy to use

If you are able to send an email, then you’re able to set up a WordPress website – it’s that easy. With WordPress you get access to your own Dashboard, from where you are able to create, update and manage your website. You don’t need to be a web designer in order to use WordPress. It is easy to learn and very user friendly.

In addition, there is a huge amount of support available for WordPress. With thousands of forums, guides, books, specialist help sites, YouTube video tutorials, etc, you will always be able to find a solution to any WordPress query you may have.


Great looking websites

WordPress users design their website using “themes”, which are ready made templates set up to a design of your choosing. There are tens of thousands of free and premium WordPress themes, so you can have a design that is appropriate for the type of website you want, whether that’s a business theme, a personal blog or a photography type website, etc. Whatever the look & style of website you want, odds are there is a theme out there waiting for you.

Not only can you get a great looking website with WordPress, you can also achieve a sophisticated, powerful website thanks to various “plugins” which can be used with WordPress – these are bits of software which can be bolted on to your WordPress website, which can offer ways to extend and add to the functionality that already exists in WordPress.

For example, you can use plugins to create an ecommerce website, accept online payments, set up membership logins, photo galleries, etc.


SEO Friendly

WordPress is built on professional, clean code, created to the latest high standards. Plus, with various SEO plugins available, your WordPress website can be set up so that it is SEO friendly, which will increase its chances of getting ranked on search engines such as Google.

Many WordPress themes are mobile-responsive, which if you use such a theme will help increase your ranking score with Google – as well as being user friendly for many of your website visitors – an increasing number of which will be using their smartphones and tablets to surf the internet.


Safe and secure

Due to the popularity of WordPress it has a huge support base worldwide, which has resulted in numerous security developments – meaning that WordPress is widely considered to be a safe system to use for your website. While there are always new security threats arising online, the WordPress community works to ensure that it is complying to the latest security standards. The WordPress system is regularly being improved and upgraded and you always have the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version for your website – again free of charge.


Listed above are just a few reason why using WordPress for your website is a wise choice. If you are interested in finding out more about WordPress and how you can use it to set up your own website, then give us a call on 0370 170 9170 or visit our web hosting page – all of our hosting packages are WordPress compatible.


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